Secret Garden Supper Club - Summer Edition

The summer edition of Secret Garden Supper Club was a truly unique opportunity to smell and taste the edible flowers and wild herbs of the French Riviera and for guests to discover the savoir-faire and stories of local artisans. 

This sensory approach to fine dining paid homage to this area of France by inviting guests on a culinary journey through the exceptional seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers in and around Nice.  The expertise, artistry and joy involved in the preparation of the dinner are essential ingredients that make this such a magical occasion. In an intimate and friendly atmosphere, guests were treated to a rare insight into how the menu has been crafted by the chef Kalice Brun, the produce that has been sourced locally that week, where the florist Julie Guittard forages wild flowers as well as tasting wine pairings that have been carefully selected by the sommelier Romain Forini.

This edition of Secret Garden Supper Club was rich with artistic flair from personalized hand-scripted menus created by calligraphy artist Nice Plume to handmade favors and personal touches. 

Check out more details of how we created this look in Elle Decor.  If you would like to enquire about organising your very own private event on the French Riviera get in touch!

Photography: Anthony Lanneretonne

Secret Garden Supper Club Event Styling.jpg
Calligraphy artist Nice Plume Secret Garden Supper Club.jpg
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Lavender from provence.jpg
Salade Nicoise Kalice Brun Secret Garden Supper Club.jpg
Compositions de Julie Guittard Secret Garden Supper Club Nice.jpg