Secret Garden Supper Club - Autumn edition

The autumn edition of Secret Garden Supper Club was designed to celebrate the joys of the harvest season on the Côte d’Azur: ripe, flavourful produce, prepared with care, showcasing the region’s incredible gastronomic heritage and edible flowers. Set in a secret location in La Colle Sur Loup, this dinner party was designed to celebrate the autumn harvest. Check out the tips on how we created this look on Vogue

When choosing the colour palette and decor for this autumn themed celebration in a private dining room I focused on selecting an array of moody, rustic tones and fresh produce reflecting the vibrancy and richness of autumn. This dinner party incorporated the spirit of slow living by putting the local produce and flora and fauna of autumn at the heart of the event. The menu of fresh local ingredients featured edible flowers of the season and a creative twist on local forgotten recipes from the south of France.

It’s all about making sure the centrepiece catches the eye whilst also encouraging guests to touch and smell.  Flowers add a fragrant touch to a table, for this dinner party, florist Julie Guittard created compositions of warm autumn blooms, wild flowers, berries and woodland leaves to create a modern interpretation of the autumn theme. 

A perfect autumn dinner party should enchant your guests whilst making them at home.  To create an elegant take on a fall themed dinner party, colour palettes can be inspired by your surroundings such as the wild autumn landscape and light. Think warm rustic tones such as deep reds, amber, ochre and shades of copper. To add some personal touches, calligraphy artist Nice Plume to inscribed the menu on seasonal flora such as pumpkins and butternut squash which was the perfect conversation starter!

For me, the secret to a perfect autumn menu is to draw inspiration from traditional local dishes with a contemporary twist. Chef Kalice Brun who created the menu for this edition of Secret Garden Supper Club adorned her creations with edible flowers and wild herbs fresh from the hills and valleys of the Mercantour.  She crafted a menu featuring an amuse-bouche of mini-aubergines, a reimagined swiss chard soup (a Niçois delicacy), featuring vanilla, pear and borage flowers, a main dish of scallops with a purée of beetroot and ginger, complete with a classic poire Belle-Hélène for dessert.

The way we create theatre around the dining experience helps guests feel like they’re part of something special. We carefully craft an event which not only creates a sense of connection with the French Riviera but also between the guests who attend.  Guest have told us that they come away having formed new friendships and enjoy sharing stories with people from all walks of life. We use a combination of storytelling, sharing of ‘savoir-faire’ and passion for the region, this creates a sense of celebration throughout the evening that’s unforgettable!

If you would like to enquire about organsing your own private event on the French Riviera drop us a line!

Photography: Maya Maréchal

Secret Garden Supper Club seasonal vegetables
Autumn Tablescape Flora and Fauna
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Secret Garden Supper Club Tablescape