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Feel at home

When designing each unique fine-dining experience we start by focusing on the five senses. Every detail counts...from the decorations, tablescape design, to the food and atmosphere so that each element contributes perfectly and achieves a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

We create theatre around the dining experience by inviting our chef to give guests an insight into how she created the menu and where the ingredients are sourced from, the sommelier will explain all the wine pairings in French and English as well as giving an introduction to organic and fine wine, the ceramic artist who will host the event in her home will give guests a unique insight into how she makes her sculptures and tableware.

We orchestrate conversation starters right from when guest arrive throughout the event so guests feel welcome and connected with others who share the same experience.

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Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party on the French Riviera, a special brunch for friends or a grand celebration, we can design the perfect event for you. 

Get in touch with more details about your requirements, we'd love to hear from you!