Recently we were asked by the London based agency four23 to identify locations for a concert in Paris. We can't disclose any more details about the event itself but we can talk you through how we work with clients in order to identify locations and venues which best fit the brief, no matter how unusual or obscure!


This brief was a challenge - however well you might think you know Paris this was truly a quest to find the most unusual locations possible! 

✨ 1. Project Brief - we discussed the brief with the client and established exactly what kind of location would be a good fit for this particular event. 

✨ 2. Initial research - we agreed deadlines in advance and carried out some initial research. By the end of the first day we presented at least five suggestions to our client to check that we were identifying the right locations which corresponded with the brief. 

✨ 3. Client feedback - we discussed feedback from the initial research before embarking on the rest of the research for the project. This ensured that our research was always on brief and that our time was used effectively during the few days we had to complete the location scouting project.

✨ 4. Execution and presentation of venues - we presented the client with potential locations covering a number of themes including historical locations or abandoned spaces to give them the maximum amount of venues to choose from. We also contacted some of the venues to find out if they would be available for the event and we also worked closely with the Mairie de Paris to identify unique locations which could be hired but are almost impossible to find online. 

We really enjoy working on location scouting projects in France because ancient crumbling buildings can be repurposed for an event or car parks adorned with graffiti can be completely transformed into a spectacular venue for a fashion event.  As discussed in this blog post, so many buildings in Paris have been preserved over the years or left to decay rather than being destroyed which means that they can be used as a venue for a whole range of activities. If you need assistance with location scouting (repérage lieux Paris / Nice) then don't hesitate to get in touch with Imogen on