Diana is a life-coach and personal trainer who organises workouts with women in Paris either one-on-one or in small groups. She blogs about reducing stress, eating healthily and excercising for your body. We caught up with Diana this summer to find out more about her holistic approach to life and her blog...

Image credit: Diana Antholis

Image credit: Diana Antholis

- What is your blog all about?

Living balanced, centered, and sexy. This is my philosophy that I not only teach, but that I try to live every day. Incredibly brilliant, hard-working, inspiring, beautiful women who deserve nothing but the absolute best lives are stressed, worried, and feel like nothing is going the way they want it to. They know what to do, but they aren't doing it. They know that if they did some kind of exercise, they'd not only lose weight and feel sexy in skinny jeans, but they'd have more energy and sleep better. They know that if they took the time to cook a healthy meal at home, they wouldn't be so bloated or feel guilty after eating take-out. They know if they took a moment for themselves, even just a few minutes to breathe or twenty minutes to take a walk alone, that their creativity would come back and they wouldn't feel so lazy. They know all of this, but finding the inspiration to do it, believing that it will work, and loving themselves enough to try is what's missing to make it happen. 

That’s no way to live. I realized that. These women realize that. And that’s why they come here.

I write about how to fit in a little bit of exercise every day, how to make a healthy meal that is fast, easy, and delicious, how to create the time in your day to do something for yourself, and how to believe that it's actually going to work this time. 

I help women start living lives that they love. Lives that they're happy to live. I know what it's like to feel exhausted, frustrated, and hopeless. I've made it my mission to give these women hope again. The story of my 10-year battle with my body is here and in my book

Image credit: Diana Antholis

Image credit: Diana Antholis

- What other blogs do you read for inspiration?

Ash Ambirge - The Middle Finger Project

Ash is a copywriting genius. She explains how to write, how to sell without feeling like a fool, and how to market yourself in a sea of competitors in a way that makes you just GET IT. She is a master storyteller as well, with an incredible background of how she started her business. Anyone who has a website and online business needs to learn from her.

Abigail Steidley 

Abigail is a life coach and mind-body coach trained by Martha Beck. She specifically helps others with mind-body syndromes, which is when you feel physical pain in your body due to suppressed emotions. Her blog focuses on tuning into your inner wisdom and intuition to find peace in your mind, body, and spirit. I found her a few years ago and her blog, her ebooks, and her courses have changed my life. 

- What projects have you got in the pipeline?

Unleashed Workouts in the Park. This past summer, I conducted private and small group (maximum of 5 people) personal training sessions in the parks of Paris. It was truly amazing to watch women transform their bodies and mindsets. I watched them become addicted to exercise, have more energy, and focus on their projects - not to mention lose weight and develop muscles they only dreamed of before.

Now for Fall, I'm continuing private and small group sessions, but also adding a 10-week challenge. This includes a weekly in-person workout in the park, healthy recipe, and lifestyle coaching exercise. Working on a goal you've been wanting to conquer with a small group of highly dedicated women, plus me there as support, produces the optimal results. I can't wait to get started! For anyone who is interested, you can sign up here.

Unleash Your Sexy Experience - Paris (and around the world). My dream of creating retreats around the world for women who want to live balanced, centered, and sexy is becoming a reality. The Unleash Your Sexy Experience will help women fully accept, nourish, and love themselves on the inside and out. Retreats will include heart-pumping exercise, centering yoga, mouth-watering healthy meals, heavy indulgences, and soul-opening break-throughs. Women will leave feeling like themselves again, with a newfound appreciation for their lives. The first one will be in Paris Fall 2015. I will continue them around the world. Sign up on the list to be notified of the launch dianaantholis.com/membership

Image credit: Diana Antholis

Image credit: Diana Antholis

- Any tips for those who are new to blogging?

Tell stories. Be vulnerable. 

Reading a blog is like reading someone's diary. I want to know your deepest thoughts, fears, loves, and theories. I want to learn something from reading your blog. If I just walk away with one small tip that I can use in my life - whether that's a new cafe to try or a new way of thinking - then the blog is worth reading. 

Being generic, writing what you think others want, copying others, and adding zero personality to your blog will gain you zero interest. I don't want to read a summary of your experience, I want to know your feelings. Be yourself. No one else can be. 

- Your favourite people to follow on Instagram?

@25Park Hysterical quotes and gorgeous fashion inspiration. I love how the quotes can be wild and raw. It's a breath of fresh air. 

@StephyNow  Absolutely gorgeous yoga poses paired with inspiring short life mantras. I adore seeing Stephanie Birch's posts.