We caught up with Sarah Bagner who is the brains behind Supermarket Sarah. She worked as a creative in advertising for several years before moving into styling and selling her vintage wares in London's Portobello Market. Supermarket Sarah creates wonderful walls on which she displays work by young designers who can sell their wares by simply clicking on the items.  Sarah organises a number of events and collaborates with top designers. We wanted to find out a bit more about what inspires her work.

Sarah Bagner - Supermarket Sarah

Sarah Bagner - Supermarket Sarah

- How has social media helped you raise awareness of Supermarket Sarah?

I love that social media brings together people with similar passions and for me it has played a huge role in connecting me tomy network of designers and makers who I also really consider as friends as we share the same interests and I genuinely love their work, all of which is deeply personal. I think its fantastic that individuals can find their voices in the same way as big brands and I think people prefer shopping and connecting with people they like than from anonymous and corporate brands.

Image credit: Supermarket Sarah

Image credit: Supermarket Sarah

- Have you got any tips for creatives who want to start their own project?

DO it then think about it! I think just doing work is the trick and to not to be too self conscious. I'm a fan of doing rather than over conceptualising. The wonderful thing about working for yourself is the freedom to just do! It doesn't have to fit into a perfect marketing strategy. I think when you work at agencies too much spontaneous fun is stripped from the work and you can't fake genuine passion. Its so obvious when brands try to mimic trends and passionate people. The trick is to be one step ahead of them!

- Do you refer to any blogs for inspiration for your work?

Yes I love Disney Roller Girl, Navaz is prolific with her blogging and super inspiring. I'm an Instagram addict! And I'm loving @camillewalala @patternity @anniecollinge

I follow Humans of New York on Facebook.

- What does the future hold for Supermarket Sarah?

I'm going to be doing a super wall with Kirstie Allsopp on September 19th-21st on the main stage at the Hand Made Fair at Hampton Court presenting some incredible designers and brands! Do come along to the fair or come along virtually by checking out my wall which will be going live on the 19th September with some super special selected picks on it.

I'll also be at Crafty Fox Market in South London 13th -14th December for Xmas as well as more Xmas pops around London! So watch this space!

- Your favorite think to... eat?

Samphire – It tastes of the ocean!

- Your favorite thing to...make?

Snow men

- Your favorite thing to...do?

Swimming outdoors!


Image credit: Supermarket Sarah

Image credit: Supermarket Sarah

For more information about Supermarket Sarah and her wonderful walls visit: www.supermarketsarah.com 

Image credit for the title image: Maria Papadimitriou www.plasticseconds.com