London based creative, Lucy Sparrow shot to fame this summer with the opening of 'The Cornershop' in Bethnal Green at the beginning of August.  Lucy stitches the most incredible reproductions of existing products and works 'at the intersection between arts and craft'.  'The Cornershop' which is an entire cornershop made out of felt encourages people to look at everyday life in a slightly different and more fun way.  We caught up with Lucy to find out a bit more about her thinking behind the project.

Image credit: Copyright Lucy Sparrow

- How has social media helped you raise awareness of The Cornershop?

 I've used Twitter and Facebook to promote the Cornershop. The money for the project was raised on Kickstarter so I think social media has played quite a big role.

- Have you got any tips for creatives who want to start their own project?

I think you just need to have a goal and stick to it. It's important to keep on and not get downhearted. 

- Do you refer to any blogs for inspirations for your work?

Not really. I think most of the ideas just pop into my head. 

- Have you got any other sewing projects in the pipeline after The Cornershop closes? 

I've got one or two ideas but I'm keeping them quiet for the moment because there are one or two things I have to work out first.

You can find more information on Lucy Sparrow's website.

If you hurry down to The Cornershop before 31st August you can check out Lucy Sparrow's work at 19 Wellington Row, London, E2 7BB. The Cornershop will then move to Brighton in October 2014.

Image credit: Copyright Lucy Sparrow

Image credit: Copyright Lucy Sparrow

Image credit: Copyright Lucy Sparrow