Lo Parkin is a freelance illustrator based in London who specialises in hand-rendered fashion illustration, type and architectural drawings.  She takes inspiration from structures, urban cultures, fashion and patterns. She has worked with a number of brands such as Rimmel London, Elle magazine and Warehouse. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her work and where she gets inspiration from...

Image credit: Lo Parkin by Anthony Gerace

Image credit: Lo Parkin by Anthony Gerace

- How has social media helped you raise awareness of your work?

Just obvious reasons I suppose, I believe meeting people and maintaining working relationships is upmost important however social media is great for helping get the word out about what you're up to work-wise and it’s always great to get feedback. I think another benefit is it allows people to identify with others in terms of their interests and inspirations.

Image credit: Lo Parkin

Image credit: Lo Parkin

- Do you refer to any blogs for inspiration?

 Alongside my illustration I’m also a fashion editor for People of Print so I have an ongoing list of blogs and websites I refer to, BooooooomPatternity and Hurtyoubad have been staples in my toolbar since I can remember. There’s also an amazing selection of imagery, concepts and outputs coming from both Case Studyo and Les-Graphiquants which are well worth checking out. 

- Who are your favourite instagrammers? 

Ill Studio, LAW magazine, Ewen Spencer and Anthony Burrill


- What projects have you got in the pipeline? 

I’ve been working on a lot of windows so far this year so I’m taking a little break from that at the moment and getting my teeth stuck into a couple of series of architectural drawings. In my freelance work I’ll be working on some fashion illustrations for a well known high-street brand and I also have some hand-drawn type due to drop soon I’m pretty hyped about, unfortunately I can’t say much more about it other then watch this space!


Image credit: Lo Parkin

Image credit: Lo Parkin

-  Your favourite thing to... eat?

Fish & chips

- Your favourite thing to…make?

 Architectural drawings and type

 - Your favourite thing to...do?

 Swimming in the sea & going to carboot sales

Check out more of Lo Parkin's work on her website... www.loparkin.com