Meet Hattie Stewart who is a London-based illustrator with a vibrant, cheeky style. A self-professed 'professional doodler' her unique and playful illustration extends itself through art and fashion. Hattie has worked with designers such as House Of Holland, Marc By Marc Jacobs and Adidas as well as exhibiting in L.A, Miami, New York, Berlin and London. We caught up with Hattie to inspire you at the start of the week!

Image credit: Hattie Stewart

Image credit: Hattie Stewart

-  How has social media helped you raise awareness of your work?

In many ways. I guess a good example is my vintage Playboy doodle bomb covers. I posted one on my twitter and then by chance an hour or so later their head of social media got in touch and ask to share through their social media channels which was amazing and that isn't something that would happen without it. The sharing of ideas, collaborating with people all over the world and meeting like minds is an incredible advantage we have today and it means that everyone has a voice not just the select few - that is invaluable.


- Do you refer to any blogs for inspiration?

I love Tumblr and delving into peoples archives. I have an inspiration blog called which is an endless source of inspiration for me and has introduced me not only to the work of other great artists but also the artists themselves.


- Who are your favourite instagrammers? 

Poppy Lissiman / Lynnie Zulu / BBY magazine / Sara Andreasson /  Minna Gilligan / Petra Collins


- What projects have you got in the pipeline? 

A few! Some I can't talk about yet but I've actually been planning to take some time off to focus on more personal work and more body/hand painting! I really want to finally start working on developing my doodle bomb magazine covers in to real life.

Image credit: Hattie Stewart

Image credit: Hattie Stewart

- Your favourite think to... eat?


- Your favourite thing to...make?

 My work

 - Your favourite thing

 Draw / Sleep / Drink ./ Dance / Travel

*Check out more examples of Hattie's work on her website